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Quiet Please

Marshall/KMK serves as consultant in architectural acoustics to architects, engineers and owners under-taking new construction and renovation projects. The firm’s expertise relates to matters of scale, sitting and adjacencies; construction systems and methods; materials and finishes; performance standards; and quality checkpoints. Working directly with the design team, we present our recommendations in conferences, letter-reports and drawings.  In unusual projects, computer modeling and auralization studies can be used to assist in the analysis of acoustic behavior of varying design options.  

Our checkpoints include review of drawings and specifications at all phases of project design, review of shop drawings and appropriate submittals during construction, and performance of final tests and adjustments in completed projects.  As a member of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants M/KMK welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other specialists in the field. Mr. Marshall collaborates regularly 

Room Acoustics:
We advise on room sizes, shapes and finishes appropriate to distribute sound uniformly, control echoes, and permit proper reverberation time, frequency balance, and early-to-reverberant sound ratios.  

Sound Isolation: 
We recommend materials and methods to prevent sound transmission through adjacent spaces and to exclude environmental noise (from transit systems, aircraft, factories, etc.).

Noise and Vibration Control:

We offer design guidelines and recommendations in the methods of controlling airborne noise, structure-borne noise and vibration from mechanical and electrical equipment and HVAC systems.

The firm has un-paralleled success with regard to sound reinforcement quality within reverberant spaces. Our single point of responsibility for both electronic sound reinforcement and architectural acoustics can be significantly important to performing arts facility design, as well as other projects where intelligibility and fidelity are fundamentally important to the success of the project.


We Listen First
Our expertise in the field of acoustics is an important complement to our capabilities with regard to sound system design.  The firm’s background is founded in the performing arts with experience extending through education, corporate, entertainment and a wide variety of public gathering spaces. Intelligibility, fidelity and coverage, coupled with robust infrastructure and strong consideration for both the technical and non-technical user are the backbone of our design success.

As the sound system designer, the firm routinely and successfully coordinates the artistic demands and expectations of musicians, actors and production personnel with the architectural demands for planning, documentation and detailed coordination across multiple construction disciplines. 

Although we do recommend, specify and document our systems based on significant experience and proven methodologies, we believe that our first responsibility is to listen.  Listening is inherent to our role; we listen to the room, we listen to the systems but most importantly, we listen to the client and design our solutions to meet the needs and expectations of the system users, facility management and the project design team. 

Our sound system consulting services include the following services:

Sound System Design Services

  • Design Narratives
  • Project Budgets
  • Construction Documents
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Bid Documents
  • Line Item Estimates
  • Rough-In Requirements
  • Needs Analysis
Construction Administration Services
  • Bid Review
  • Submittal Review & Comment
  • Coordination of Contractor Work
  • Proof of Performance Testing   
  • Punch List and Final Review


Sight and Sound
Our extensive experience with system designs for performing arts facilities paved our way to designing high end presentation facilities for educational, corporate and entertainment facilities. From large screen projection and surround sound systems for multi-use concert halls to technology rich  boardrooms, conference room and training facilities, Marshall-KMK routinely provides coordinated technology design services bridging the gap between the construction trades and the technology demands of the IT and Media Service providers for corporate, educational and entertainment clients.

Our project experience and service offerings include engineering, design and consulting services associated with the following technologies:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Digital Media Networks
  • Audio and Video Streaming
  • Video Capture and Recording
  • Wireless Video Networks
  • High Definition Display Systems
  • High Definition Projection Systems
  • Cable Antenna Distribution Networks
  • Control System Design and Programming
Whether the project application is 4mm LED, 20,000 Lumen Projection, 3D Plasma Display, Fiber Optic Infrastructure, Distance Learning, Collaborative Meeting or Traditional Classroom Systems, Marshall-KMK seamlessly coordinates the design and integration process with detailed, accurate budget estimates, construction documents, bid forms, evaluations and proof of performance testing services.  



  • Needs Analysis
  • Planning Reports
  • Technical Writing
  • Project Specifications
  • 'Build To' Drawing Sets
  • Construction Documents
  • Product Recommendations
  • Project Management Services
  • Project Based Technical Manpower
  • Digital Signal Processing Programming
  • Control Systems Planning & Programming
  • CTS-I and CTS-D Technical Support Services

Hands On Integration Management Services  
Hands On Integration Management Services Services covered under this item are typically provided within a system build agreement between the client and his preferred AV/IT
system integration company. These services are generally associated with, and afforded, on larger scale projects that might tax existing capabilities of an otherwise qualified systems integrator or where our services may allow an AV/IT integrator to pursue projects that might otherwise conflict with existing  backlog and project schedules or exceed the capacity or capabilities of an AV Dealer/Integrator.

Our Integration Management Services are typically not provided on projects where the firm has, or is providing services described within our A&E/Design business model.

We are confident and comfortable supporting projects of any size.  Our strong suits include Audio Video and IT Systems for Higher Education, Performing Arts, Gaming, Entertainment and Corporate facilities.  We are both familiar and successful, with fulfilling compliance on projects where the project needs have been defined by a third party consulting firm and we are capable of supporting design build projects from Basis of Design through Final Acceptance.


Marshall-KMK provides a customized suite of technology engineering solutions for multiple Information Technology disciplines.  

Our service offerings correlate very closely with the technology projects life cycle model: 

        ·        Strategic planning and needs assessment

        ·        Design development

        ·        Detailed design

        ·        Bidding

        ·        Vendor selection and procurement

        ·        Implementation management

We have successfully helped clients with technology master planning and project management.  By maintaining strict vendor independence, Marshall-KMK can offer an impartial and pragmatic approach to the cost/benefit analysis for the use of particular IT technology on an individual project basis.  With rich experience in nearly all vertical markets, we offer a balanced professional project approach, identify and help avoid pitfalls in the dynamic arena of client-construction team relations to ensure the maximum client benefit.

Our Information Technology services include the following:

·       Data Center Energy and Heat Load Management

·         Cabling Infrastructure

·         OSP/Campus Cabling Design and data center design and implementation.

·         Wireless Technology Design

·         Physical Security Access Systems

·         Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) Systems

·         RFID Asset Protection Systems

·         Data Center Cabinet Layout Design

·         Data Center Cabling Pathway

·         Data Center Diversity Planning